Rassy Bugatti drops “Lane Switch’n” from his upcoming debut mixtape Million Dollar Fugitive, out October 2nd via Stinc Team Records. The song was produced by legendary West Coast producer Ron-Ron, the mastermind behind some of the biggest tracks from Shoreline Mafia03 GreedoFrostyDaSnowMann, and more. “Lane Switch’n” features Ketchy the Great and Roccy DaRoccstar and acts as a viewing glass into Rassy’s life before incarceration. While many self-proclaimed “trap” artists merely glorify street life, Bugatti was born from the streets. He recorded the entirety of Million Dollar Fugitive over the jailhouse phone at L.A. Men’s Central Jail.

“Lane Switch’n”, Rassy’s previously released single, “Automatic”, and every other track on his upcoming release paints a personal narrative. Bugatti didn’t come up with studios or sound booths, but rather learned to rap in his cell and over the jail phone. Rapping is what gets him through the day while locked up, and motivates him to be better when he’s eventually released. These tracks were recorded through multiple phone calls with the help of Stinc Team powerhouse producer JoogSZN as well as Ron-Ron.


Bugatti himself is also a real-life million-dollar fugitive, hence the name of his upcoming debut. In late 2015, the young rapper posted an insane million-dollar bail before going on the lam. During that time, he recorded his first and only track made outside of incarceration: “Sorry Sussie”, created with cousin and fellow Stinc Team co-founder Drakeo the Ruler. The song became a hit in the streets, but Rassy could only evade capture for so long. The law caught up and he’s been locked up since 2016. Bugatti lost his million+ dollars in bail money.

Rassy Bugatti – “Lane Switch’n”


Million Dollar Fugitive Track Listing
01. Intro (prod. by 96 Chris)
02. Automatic (prod. by 96 Chris)
03. I Am Not A Rapper (prod. by 96 chris)
04. Tookie feat. Wolf Of 9St. (prod. by Mook)
05. Bring The Devil Up Outta Me feat. Santo Tha Plug (prod. by Joog Season)
06. Lane Switchin feat. Ketchy The Great & Roccstar (prod. by Ron Ron)
07. Light Up The Blocc feat. 03 Greedo & Bambino (prod. by Ron Ron)
08. Tranquilizer (prod. by Mook)
09. Dateline (prod. by 96 Chris)
10. Bussy James (prod. by 96 Chris)
11. Sussie Staccs (prod. by 96 Chris)