SHØWGUN gives Rock a Shot to the Arm

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A much-needed modern spin on the classic sound, SHØWGUN delivers a sound for right now. They speak to the constant strife of being young in a world rapidly aging. Refusing to play rock the way it has for a long time, they take their talents together and obliviate all expectations. Their tracks generally are introduced with intense, catchy vocals that command attention. It`s almost as if you can feel the energy from their lyrics in every step forward this group takes us on. The song’s tone is one that propels its fast-paced tempo, making it larger than life.

Together for a good time and not a long time, SHØWGUN has started to get serious traction on all their social media accounts, particularly Instagram and Spotify. On those platforms, they receive countless messages of praise for their uniquely contemporary approach and inspirational method. 

Messages about their diamond in the rough quality feel particularly poignant given everything the group has experienced as individuals. The many moves, some across states, others whole countries, have given them a unique perspective on their sound. Raging hard into that good night, they make sure that every single instrument goes deep into the red. 

While so young, their performances on and offline have gained a degree of notoriety for their reckless, gleeful energy. Everyone on here pours their heart and soul into the sound. The result certainly attests to that, for theirs is a sound that tells the story of their lives and offers an opportunity to point to where they are going. 

SHØWGUN holds absolutely nothing back and isa band that is already blowing audiences away.