SIIGHTS Premiere New Single, ‘Fake It’, Available Now On Insanity Records

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‘Fake It’ is the brand new single from SIIGHTS. Available now on their new home of Insanity Records, the band have already opened for Griff on her sold-out UK tour, picked up early support across BBC Introducing and Elton John’s Rocket Hour, and will release their first EP for Sony Music early next year.

A euphoric introduction to an essential new band, ‘Fake It’ feels as at home in late 90s/early 00s nostalgia as it does in the new gen of Sad Girl Pop that exploded during the pandemic. Mixing the harmonies, guitars and female empowerment of childhood heroes Alanis Morisette or HAIM with SIIGHTs’ very different – but in their own way, cosmically similar – backgrounds in Ireland and Scotland, there’s an affectingly universal message at the heart of ‘Fake It’, too. According to the band, “Fake It’ has a drive and energy to it, but lyrically talks about the struggles of allowing yourself to open up to someone. There’s a theme of hopefulness throughout, which we want to be at the core of SIIGHTS.” 

SIIGHTS are a closeknit duo of Mia and Toni: songwriters, producers, and multi-instrumentalists doing everything themselves, the band’s music explores that limbo between happiness and heartbreak, empowerment and vulnerability. Born in Dublin and Glasgow respectively, Mia and Toni first met by chance in Los Angeles, where they were hustling in the studio for others. A fish-out-of-water experience, even after the most grueling days, there proved to be an obvious connection between the pair (whether in the music they longed to make for themselves, or a shared Gaelic humour). As instant kindred spirits, Mia and Toni decided to put themselves first for a change instead, forming SIIGHTS. The double I’s represent their two identities, but also alludes to deeper meanings across the band’s work – whether foresight, hindsight, or the broadened horizons they long to find in their own lives, and for young women in the creative industries at large. 

An anthemic call to feel the fear and say it anyway, ‘Fake It’ has its SIIGHTS set firmly on the future, one in which this refreshing new band feel, instantly, in total charge of.