Soul Asylum at Center Stage in Atlanta with Local H

Written By | Tyler Anderson


Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta was the perfect setting for an intimate show tonight. The crowd bravely dealt with the rain and filed in to see Local H and Soul Asylum hosted by local radio station Rock 100.5.

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Local H made their way back to Atlanta for the first time since 2018 and the majority of the crowd were so pumped to see them! Just a two-man band consisting of a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist, I was amazed at the sheer volume of their music. Absolutely exploding, the crowd ate up every second of their performance. The came out on stage to the hit “Jitterbug” by WHAM! and even wore the all-white “Choose Life” outfits from the popular 1980’s music video.


Local H definitely came out with the intent of burning Center Stage to the ground, and they nearly succeeded.  Bringing many back to their high school days, it was an amazing thing to see.

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Soul Asylum took the stage after a 30-minute changeover and wasted no time bringing back the energy. Opening with “Got It Pretty Good”, you could tell the remaining crowd was absolutely ecstatic. Lead singer and guitarist Dave Pirner lead into “Freaks” while guitarist Ryan Smith jumped what seemed like feet into the air.

Smith, slinging around his guitar with zero remorse, really brought most of the band’s energy onto the stage. Bringing a massive eighteen song set, Soul Asylum wasn’t getting off the stage until they were force off. Rounding out the show with a massive run starting with the 1993 hit “Runaway Train”, they closed the show with “Veil of Tears” and “Slowly Rising”. A three-song encore really closed the night in the most perfect way. It will be a real treat when Soul Asylum and Local H make their next appearance in Atlanta.

Photos By | Tyler Anderson