Swifty Blue “Grimey ParkSide” Ft Moneysign $uede

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Swifty Blue continues his run of consecutive weekly singles with another brand new single titled “Grimey Parkside”. This single features the currently incarcerated, but ever popular Moneysign $uede and fellow Southeast LA artist BankBroMusic323. The three each bring their unique perspective in their verses, all painting vivid pictures about street life, jail experiences and hustling. Bankbro’s laid-back voice sounds like a character in the Godfather narrating kicks off the track which is followed by Swifty’s energetic verse about being stuck in L.A. County Jail. $uede tells a tale about being fresh out of jail on bail. 

From now until the 20th of April, Swifty Blue will continue to release a new track every Thursday as a part of the On The Run Thursdays campaign OTR Records is pushing. Only days into the second quarter of this year, Swifty Blue has already proved himself as one of the most prolific artists in Los Angeles with more quality and quantity of content than most if not all of his peers and he has no plans of slowing down.

Nelson Aguilar is the heart and soul of Paramount, California. While most may know him as Swifty Blue now, he’s embodied the city, and put it on the map, being their first proud representative in modern Los Angeles hip hop. Although he’s been releasing music for over six years, he began taking music seriously in December 2018 after his release from Los Angeles County Jail. Since then, has secured multiple lucrative brand partnerships due to his growing popularity, charisma, and distinct look.

In early 2020, Swifty Blue contacted Amaris Mendez after a video of her being assaulted and robbed in South Central went viral and brought her $1000 in cash as well as a bouquet of roses. His generosity, preaching of unity combined with thoughtful street activism lead to him being featured on Univision, Telemundo, World Star Hip Hop, The Shade Room, FoosGoneWild, Live Mixtapes, Elevator, and many more. Swifty Blue embodies not only the daily struggles of a Latin-American, but the consistency and work ethic of them and is on the frontline of making the world a better place.