Symone Sanders Joins “The Inside Scoop:” An Event with High Schoolers for Biden

Biden for President hosted “The Inside Scoop,”an event series with High Schoolers for Biden featuring Symone Sanders. The event was the first in a series of virtual events that gives high school students across the country an inside look into the campaign’s efforts to organize and mobilize voters to the polls in November.


“People need to take cues from what you all are doing,” said Biden for President Senior Advisor Symone Sanders. “So first, I just want to say, thank you, thank you, thank you for your work. Some of y’all aren’t even old enough to vote, but you know that your efforts in terms of organizing, in terms of, pulling people in you know, spreading the message … volunteering — these are all things that will contribute to us just building a better society, building a better America, electing Joe Biden, and then getting to work to enact his bold, progressive agenda. So thank you all so much for your work. We have to kick it up and we all need to do a little bit more. So we are here to help you get the job done, and we just appreciate everything you’re doing for the campaign.”

Asked about the biggest threat to democracy right now, Sanders said: “Well, I would argue the biggest threat to our democracy right now is a rogue President. A President that doesn’t read his briefings or ignores his briefings. A President who is more concerned with his poll numbers than the American people. That is one of the biggest threats for our democracy — an uninformed President and someone who is unwilling to act in the best interest of the American people. And I think that’s what we’re living through right now. That’s why this election is in fact so critical.”

Sanders talked about her experience working with Joe Biden saying: “His super power is connecting with people, is making people feel comfortable — it’s bringing people in, it’s listening, and then it’s leading. And I have had the opportunity, like so many people to see that up close and personal. And I believe he’ll just be such an excellent President, but he won’t be a President if we don’t do the work. And so that is why we’re working really hard over the next 126 days to elect him … We’re doing everything we can because this election is absolutely critical. If we don’t do the work, we will not win. I don’t care what the polls say. We’ve got to do the work.”