The singer-songwriter from Veracruz releases his first album, where the soul of R&B and the romanticism of the bolero merge with the beats of trap and reggaetón, creating a unique and vibrant sound. 

It’s more than a record, it’s a revolution

Since he first broke out onto the world music stage, Taylor Díaz has become one of the brightest stars in contemporary music, thanks to an incredible amalgam of eras and genres, with songs that imbue not only the flow of reggaetón and trap, but also the romanticism of soul, R&B and bolero. This fusion of styles has paved the way for Diaz’s various hits, and now the release of his first album, which promises to be an evolutionary step for one of the most important genres of the moment.

Neutro’ is the name Díaz has chosen for his debut. The first song that welcomes us is “Café,” it captures the best of trap: a sensual rhythm highlighted with small sound effects that work as ornamental elements creating a great song. After this introductory track, the powerful “Celina” comes up, a song released months ago, and that since its release has brought the public to its feet with its new spin on reggaetón.

The third track, “2007,” is another Díaz hit: reggaetón, acoustic bolero elements and romantic lyrics make this track an instant classic for the dance floor. Next up is “Tu Piel”, where the classic dembow serves as the framework for lyrics that refer to the best of the Mexican musical tradition. The fifth song on the album is “Jaguar” where Taylor gives a nod to traditional rhythms while creating an unexpected new melody.

“Besándote (Remix)”, the next track on the album, features two guests of honor, Ovy on the Drums and Sharlene, who bring all their talent, flavor and flow. Song number seven, “Estoy Bien,” is one of the greatest jewels of the album: an avalanche of emotions that shows us that heartbreak can also be an act of wisdom.

The launch of this album is accompanied by the official video for Maíz,” which was filmed in Veracruz and showcases Mexican culture and his roots.