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The Aces in Atlanta at Aisle 5

Written By | Anissa Dunn

Photo By | Anissa Dunn

The Aces are an American alternative band from Provo,Utah. The band incorporates four members : Guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty and sister drummer Alisa Ramirez and lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez.

Photo By | Annisa Dun

Attending the Saturday concert at the Aisle 5 center was one of the most vibrant energetic nights. With the opening act from the band Joan brought the crowd great energy, getting the crowds body’s warmed up to dance all night to the aces.

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Photo By | Annisa Dun

As the talented band The Aces entered the crowd went crazy with everyone’s vibrations through the roof. They played songs such as Volcanic Love, Stuck, Fake nice, Last one and your Lovin is bible. These song were the crowds all time favorite and had everyone screaming their lungs at singing along. The room was full of diverse loving fans, in the room you saw a variation of different ages, different cultures and different communities such as the LGBTQ fan base.

Photo By | Anissa Dunn

The Aces’ Atlanta show managed to sell out. As the aces continued to play Lead singer Cristal Ramirez commented “Atlanta has to be the loudest crowd we’ve had in this country so far”. That how radiant the crowd was . Overall The Aces concert was an amazing concert that i recommend everyone to experience.

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