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The Garden Steals the Spotlight at Marquis Theatre in Denver

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Written By | Aidan Hicks

Rock music doesn’t mess around when it comes to their passion and dedication to experimentation. The experience of hyped strangers packing into a small venue to equally rage to big or small bands. Many brought this energy going into The Garden’s sold out performance at Marquis Theater in Denver November 14th, 2021. The twins come on a highly-anticipated tour for “Kiss My Super Bowl Ring” paused due to the pandemic. After waiting and with vaccine cards in hand, the audience wrapped around the venue’s corner before the hour mark hit.

Within 30 minutes of the venue opening, people were shoulder to shoulder to get the best view and roaring with anticipation. Openers The Runts hopped on stage to kickoff the night. Music so loud you feel the base shake your intestines, they brought the perfect amount of energy to the venue. Running off of their debut “Kill the Runts,” you can clearly see the passion running through the group. Despite their under 30 minute set, they ran from song to song with no means of stopping energizing the crowd that left the audience chanting for more when their set ended.

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If you weren’t sweaty and tired up to this point, you most certainly were as the waiting game once again commenced. Up to this point wherever you stand is where you were staying as the venue was completely packed. Looking behind you only saw a sea of people of all ages in Juggalo makeup. People so excited you could cut the anticipation with a knife. After 45 minutes of waiting, the stage goes completely dark leaving only the roars of the audience to be heard. With that, The Garden made their way to the stage to roaring cheers that’d nearly pierce your ears in the best way.

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“Clay” kicks off the show that kept everyone on their feet with excitement and anticipation. The raunchy but fitting low-lighting set went hand-in-handle with the no-handle bars performance that kept feeding everyone and wanting more. Balancing the energy of both the brothers and the passionate audience kept everyone motivated to rage and enjoy the music. Hoping between classic’s like “Call This # Now” and “Egg” to recents like “Ampm Truck” and “Sneaky Devil.” All this topped off with the encore of “Banana Peel” and “Hit Eject” made this show one to remember for all the attendees. Although this wouldn’t be my typical type of music or audience, it was energizing being apart of this. If you ever push yourself to check out the rock rage concert experience, The Garden is the way to go!

Photo Credit | Aidan Hicks