Trevor Hall Takes His Tour To Philadelphia’s Theatre of The Living Arts

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Written By | Jonah Van Bemmelen

Showing up to Trevor Hall’s sold out show at Theatre of The Living Arts and the crowd was already full of excitement for the bands to come out. It all started with Galen who came out and brought the energy. The crowd really got into his set when he played a Bill Withers “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” cover.

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After his set the crowd waited anxiously for Gone Gone Beyond as it seemed they had lots of fans in the crowd. They came out and had everyone get an arm around each other to celebrate having music back. They got everyone dancing for their whole set, and even left to the crowd shouting “one more song”.

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With excitement building in between sets Trevor Hall came out first and played on his fellow musicians. They started by playing “Blue Sky Mind” “Without Expectation” and “What I Know”. After having a drum snare issue Trevor decided to play a slow song before getting the band back involved for the rest of an amazing set. 

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Photos By | Jonah Van Bemmelen