YBN Cordae in Atlanta at Center Stage

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YBN Cordae stopped in Atlanta on his Lost Boy in America tour February 22nd.  The Grammy nominated rapper packed the house with fans of his first studio album “The Lost Boy.”  People bought merch and took pictures while they waited for the long lines of the sold out Center-Stage show to dwindle and for the performers to take the stage.


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First up was Lonr and he did not disappoint.  The L.A. born, Grammy nominated songwriter and H.E.R catalogue contributor, has been making his name as a singer recently, releasing his singles A.M. and Safe Zone in 2019. He performed them both as well as a few more songs, to the crowd’s enjoyment.  His high energy while performing  kept the crowd engaged and definitely primed them up for 24kGoldn.


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Piggybacking off the great energy from Lonr, 24kGoldn took the baton and ran with it.  Another West Coast native, 24kGoldn hails from San Francisco and had a rather Kanye-like message as he greeted the crowd; he dropped out of college to chase his dreams.  Performing songs from his 2019 release “Dropped outta college,” 24kGoldn kept the crowd raucous and rowdy as he bounced around stage shaking his braids and…

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Finally, it was time for the show. YBN Cordae started the show with a packed house pointing cell phone lights at him as he sat on a stool, center stage performing Wintertime.  With his Lost Boy sign in the background, Cordae proceeds to perform songs from “The Lost Boy,” with a few tracks from the YBN mixtape sprinkled in.  On a few occasions he stopped in between songs to address the crowd; once to encourage them to get familiar and familial.

Another time he stopped to acknowledge his fallen friend Juice Wrld and play a verse from his smash single “Lucid Dreams.”  He performed his final song of the night with a little help, bringing up a participant from the crowd to help him perform the Anderson .Paak featured “RNP.” They both seem to have enjoyed themselves. Cordae closed the show by inducting everyone into the day one fan club and vowing to be back to “sell out that stadium across the street.”

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