Yeat’s 2 Alivë Tour Hits Philadelphia’s Fillmore

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Written By | LaMonica Cobbs

Sold out! Yeat and SeptembersRich brought the 2 Alive Tour to Philadelphia Wednesday at Brooklyn Bowl. Although the show didn’t start on time, fans didn’t seem to mind. SeptembersRich and Yeat made up for the wait with their lit performance.  The crowd was filled with high school aged kids ready to kick off their Spring Break the right way.

It was turn up time as soon as SeptembersRich hit the stage! Fans matched his hype energy. If space allowed, I’m sure a mosh pit would’ve started. SeptembersRich  cooled down the crowd by splashing bottled water on fans. Shortly after a sneaker was thrown on stage. He asked fans who threw the Air Force 1 on stage, and they wasted no time pointing out the culprit. SeptembersRich asked the crowd should the fan be kicked out and they said yes. Later that night two other fans were kicked out the show.

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Fans had a moment to calm down before Yeat came out. Just when I thought the turn up reached its max, Yeat hit the stage and of course the turn up reached level 100. Yeat had to ask fans several times to move back and stop pushing forward. Although I’m not familiar with Yeat’s music I found myself catching the wave.  His team was kind enough to pass out water to fans, which was much needed after all the jumping and sweating.

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Although the concert wasn’t long, fans enjoyed themselves. A few of them left the concert wet from the water that was thrown on them. I heard a couple of them says “I can’t wait to shower.”

Photos By | LaMonica Cobbs

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