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6 Ideas On What To Eat On A Lazy Sunday

Sundays are one day before Monday, making it often the “party-breaker” among the weekdays and reminding us of the upcoming work. However, it’s also a great day to be lazy, lie in bed, enjoy a movie or your favorite TV show, and not lift a finger until Monday morning. It’s great to fill your batteries with energy and just have a day where you do nothing. But, you still have to eat, don’t you? Well, thankfully, there are a few recipes you can try out and still enjoy a “lazy” Sunday.

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Some good-old roasted chicken 

Of course, the idea of a lazy Sunday is to make a quick and easy meal that won’t take up much time yet tastes delicious. A nice roasted chicken is a perfect meal, and all you need is a Dutch pot, some vegetables (onions, a bit of tomato, potatoes), and an oven.  

Pre-cook the chicken until the meat is nice and tender. You can marinate the chicken afterward with the spices of your choice (hot spices go especially well with chicken and maybe some curry). Once the chicken is ready, take the vegetables, wash them nicely, cut them, and put them into the Dutch pot. Let it all cook until ready. Put the ready-cooked chicken on top, cover it with the vegetables, add as much of the veggie juices and soup as you like, and put it all into the oven until you see a nice brown crust forming. It should take maybe half an hour, not more, and the final result is a nice roasted chicken swimming in the juices of the vegetables. The final step is to take a plate and enjoy. 

Eggs and Sweet Soya Sauce (Nasi Kicap Telur) 

For this recipe, you’ll need two eggs, kecap manis (sweet thick soy sauce), white rice, and green onions. First put the fresh or left-over rice to cook, cut the white onions, and fry two eggs in hot oil. Once the eggs are ready and the rice is nicely cooked, take a plate and put the rice first. The most important ingredient is kecap manis (a thick, sweet soy sauce), which you’ll put over the rice, and then top it off with the two eggs. Take the cut onions and sprinkle them over the eggs and rice. That’s it. It’s a traditional Singapore meal, easy to make yet delicious. You can also put the soy sauce on top of the eggs if you wish. The idea is to mix all the ingredients nicely and enjoy every bite of it. 

Honey sesame chicken breast 

First, take a large pile of honey sesame chicken breast, put in one cup of frozen peas, one can of cream mushroom soup, and add salt and pepper for better taste. You then take the nice and tender chicken and add some homemade potato mash to the side. The mash is easy to make. Depending on your preferences, you can add butter or other spices to the mashed potatoes. We personally recommend keeping it simple, like only adding a bit of salt and pepper, some butter, and a bit of milk, as the sweet taste of the potatoes perfectly contrasts with the spiciness of the chicken. If you feel a bit too lazy, you can always order this meal on Panda Express and use a coupon to lower the price. Follow this link to and enjoy a beautiful and delicious yet simple meal. Another variation on this meal is taking little cups and filling them first with the chicken and peas, and then topping them with the mashed potatoes. Put it into the oven and let it form a nice, brown crust. Now you have an interesting “Shepherd’s” pie. 

Toasted Cheerios and Eggs 

You’ll need butter, eggs, some cheese, and some cheerios. Put a nice chunk of butter into a hot pan, and add the cheerios until they are warm and toasted. Once the cheerios are nice and crunchy, add the eggs to the pan. You can either add them to the side or make scrambled eggs and mix them with the toasted cheerios. Once the meal is done, put it on a plate, add some hot spices, salt, and pepper, and cover it with cheese before the meal gets cold, so the cheese can melt nicely on top of the eggs and cheerios. It takes no more than 20 minutes to make, and the final product is delicious.

Miso Putter Pasta 

You’ll need some pasta, butter, eggs, and Miso. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning, made from fermented soybeans with added salt and paper. You can find it at any better-equipped convenience store. Cook the pasta first, then take a pan, add the butter until it melts nicely, and add a spoonful of Miso. Cook an egg separately, take the cooked pasta and mix with the Miso in the pen. Add some salt and pepper and then put it on a plate. Take the cooked egg and top it off. Enjoy! 

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Buckwheat pancakes 

Buckwheat flour is extremely healthy and a much better substitute for traditional white flour. Take a cup of buckwheat and some white flour, mix them with water, an egg, and some melted butter, and voila, it’s time to make some pancakes. The buckwheat adds a nice kick to the pancakes, making them thicker and more delicious. Top them off with some syrup, maybe honey, nuts, or whipped cream. 

We hope you’ll find these recipes extremely delicious and easy to make. There’s nothing more perfect than a quick meal on a lazy Sunday.