Across A Slew of New Polls, One Thing is Clear: Americans support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal by 40+ Point Margins

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Americans overwhelmingly support President Biden’s infrastructure proposal to invest in roads and bridges, broadband, resilience, public transit, and rail, according to three new polls released this morning, which asked about support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.

  • Climate Power and Data for Progress found 71% of voters are in support.
  • Invest in America and Data for Progress found 65% of voters are in support.
  • The Economist and YouGov found Americans support by a 51% to 19% margin.

In each poll, majorities of Independents support the proposal, and Republicans support the bipartisan infrastructure deal by an almost 2-to-1 margin.

Americans across the country recognize the urgent need for infrastructure investments to grow our economy, enhance our competitiveness, and create millions of good-paying, union jobs. According to the Invest in America-Data for Progress poll, 57% of voters believe the U.S. should invest more to create jobs and promote economic growth.

These results bolster findings from recent polls that the infrastructure deal moving through Congress is what voters want. Monmouth and Harvard CAPS-Harris found 70% and 72% of respondents are in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure plan, respectively, and a Politico-Morning Consult poll from yesterday found majorities of voters from all parties in support of all six infrastructure bill components that were polled.

And, the Invest in America-Data for Progress poll finds that voters support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda by a 40-point margin. The proposals contained within the package are popular as well, with over 60% of respondents in favor of funding for modernizing K-12 school buildings, universal Pre-K, tuition-free community college, lowering the Medicare eligibility age, modernizing the electric grid, and investing in long-term home care.

View poll results for Climate Power-Data for ProgressInvest in America-Data for Progress, the Economist-YouGov.