Ali Gatie in Detroit at The Shelter

Written By |Becca Nadon

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A special kind of magic in the air rose alongside smoke machine fog in Detroit on a brisk Monday evening. The Shelter is intended as a close and personal venue- which fulfilled its purpose for up-and-coming 22 year old, Ali Gatie’s, intimate performance.  As it was only Gatie’s third live-performance on tour (and ever), he took his place on stage as humbly as possible while passionate fans adoringly screamed within reaching distance of him. His mostly female following was a diverse crowd in ethnicity, as well as ages ranging from twelve to fifty-four. While audience members ranged in variety, they all illuminated the same type of genuine passion and dedication for Gatie’s music; one of the members mentioned traveling eleven hours to be there. 

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Gatie credited Detroit fans to being his “first fanbase” and they upheld the title by receiving him with high energy. While the stage was still being set up, fans cheered on the production crew, and chanted his name – which he mentioned hearing backstage on his Instagram story moments before coming out. When Gatie gave mention to the fan-made, patched jean jacket he was wearing, a fan preceded to give him another one. 

Along the energy of the endearing crowd, Gatie gave equally endearing performances.  Each song was introduced with a personal story or background snippet that gave the lyrics more depth. When singing, it seemed that Gatie felt and expressed every emotion as strongly as I would imagine he did whenever the song was first inspired. This concert was a few days before announcing his world tour in which projects for him to be sky-rocketed into imminent stardom; the tender experience of Gatie tossing sweat rags and telling the lady standing on top of the bar that she’s seen will be treasured as a Detroit-first-fanbase delicacy. 

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Photo Credit | Taylor Stinson