Alt-J in Los Angeles at The Wiltern With Opener Girli

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Written And Captured By | Navi Schiff

Entering into the iconic K-town music venue The Wiltern excited concert goers reminisce on their younger days by going to the 10-year anniversary of Alt-J a band many of us listened to during our adolescent years.

A many colorful attenders pile in settling into their place while a bright purple neon sign spelling the words ‘Girli’ awaits them. Two incredibly dressed performers come out rocking a hyper-pop queer soundtrack that was absolutely killer. Dancing and enjoying the lyrics it was an absolute pleasure seeing such a refreshing and unique dynamic. The beats were exquisite a mixture of dub step rock and a demi-lovato like voice it was an absolute vibe. Once their act came to an end many took to their breaks and prepared themselves for waves of nostalgia.

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Waiting for Alt-J to perform many people asked around and compared stories of listening to them in high-school many of us recalled memories of being under their spell of melodic killer music. A man turned to me and asked if I had seen them live before I said I hadn’t. He told me once you see them live they become your favorite band and he wasn’t kidding!! As soon as the band emerged a large cheer could be heard. It was apparent the crowd was eager to hear their favorite songs and for many of us we were revisiting melodies that had been somewhat unfamiliar to us in the more recent years.

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They opened with some of their best songs and everyone was impatient to hear one of their best and most popular jams ‘Breezeblocks.’ The third song was just that. When the song came on an incredible feeling overtook the venue. Beautiful bright colorful lights flashing behind them; moments of my younger days passed before my eyes. It was an absolutely epic show and I’d recommend anyone to see them any time they can!

Navi Schiff