An Electrifying and Reviving Night with Beacon at RADIO

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

Brooklyn-based electronic duo Beacon (Thomas Mullarney III & Jacob Gossett) recently just released their third album under Ghostly International, entitled Gravity Pairs, which has been getting lots of positive feedback from fans and indie electronic musicians. They have been promoting their project on a 4-city tour, which included our very own Toronto, and has stopped at the city’s most intimate venue, RADIO (fka. Adelaide Hall). The venue was a perfect match with the duo’s sound, as well as its intimate vibe for fans and electronica lovers to listen to.

Photo By | Joshua Habtwold

Since the show was in Toronto, what better way to showcase talent than to bring Canadian talent into the forefront for this show. Starting off was Newfoundland-based singer LeRiche, who started off with one of his songs entitled ‘Rain’, which was from his latest project, X-Dreamer. Although he is just a vocalist, he brought a guitarist with him, that he just met before the show started to play with him. He brought an interesting vibe for the show, which was exemplified in songs like ‘Under Covers’ and ‘Come Around’. His vocals also bring a similar vibe, which would be compared to the likes of Ed SheeranAlex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, and Elliott Yamin, but in the sense of sounding more folk or indie rock-based. He warmed up the crowd well with excellent singing and calm energy and managed to tell the crowd to support artists by buying merch. 

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Photo By | Joshua Habtwold

After LeRiche’s set, Montreal-based singer Caracol came with her DJ to perform a variety of songs, such as ‘Scars’‘Lemon Tree’‘The Way You Love Me’ and ‘Petite Mort’ (translated to Little Death). What was interesting about her set was that she plays a variety of instruments, which include the guitar, the tambourine, and the bongos. Since she’s from Montreal, she said that she has a song in French entitled ‘Petite Mort’, and asked the crowd if they wanted to hear it. Since they agreed, she mentioned that she was going to perform it anyway and played it, with confidence and joy. She had a variety of songs that seemed lo-fi, but it also incorporated genres like indie rock, jazz, and quiet storm R&B. It also benefited her soft vocals, which makes her seem more relaxed when performing, and some people in the crowd were even dancing to her songs. 

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Once Caracol finished her set and everyone came to the stage, the lights were turned off in the stage and a variety of light effects were around the stage, and Beacon came to play a majority of the Gravity Pairs album, as well as some classics from previous releases. Thomas came to the stage to sing, while Jacob came to play on an electronic xylophone, with a drummer on the side to keep the beat alive. They used lighting effects to bring a certain effect with the crowd, in order to vibe out and dream to the melody. When Thomas performed ‘Fault Lines’, off of his L1 album, his vocals brought something vibrant within their sound, since his soft, intricate vocals initiate an excellent melody to bring that dark vibe for their music. He also danced along to the melody of the song, which was something that the crowd really loved and took time to vibe with. With the energy set out at a melodic yet intricate note, the show was a masterpiece, from beginning to end, and the album was quite worth it for anyone to experience. 

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