Phora’s Love Yourself Tour sells out Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver

Written By | Cameron Padilla


Phora’s Love Yourself Tour included a sold out show on February 29th at the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver and it absolutely did not disappoint. Fans gathered outside as early as 3pm to form a line that would wrap around the block. Once inside I was immediately drawn at the amount of people I witnessed waiting to purchase merchandise from Phora’s Yours Truly Clothing. I spoke with a few fans and a true devoted Phora fan by the name of Erik, 19, had been one of the few that were outside waiting since 3pm with multiple friends to see his second Phora concert. He found Phora searching on the internet for new music in 2015 when he came across Before It’s over Pt. 2, his favorite Phora record to date. When he saw Phora was visiting Denver again he immediately purchased VIP.

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The only act to accompany Phora was fellow west coast artist, Marteen. Who shockingly is only 18 years old. Fresh of his recently released mixtape, “8”, Marteen has shown that his age will not stop him from achieving anything. His energy helped keep the crowd engaged and multiple fans knew the words to each song he preformed like his G-Eazy collab, “Freak” and “8”. 

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The excitement was in the air as the crowd waited anxiously for Phora to preform. Once he finally emerged from the backroom, he was immediately greeted with hundreds of camera lights and the lyrics of “On My Way” echoed throughout the entire building. It was incredible to see the connection that Phora makes with his fans. His songs are very relatable and you could visibly see the emotion on the faces of fans as they shouted each and every lyric. The hour-long set included hit songs like “Stuck in My Ways” and “Feel” off of his 2018 project, Love is Hell.

Phora spoke briefly about finishing an upcoming project entitled “With Love 2” which drew a lot of attention from devoted fans that loved his 2016 project “With Love”. Phora ended the show by thanking each and everyone for coming out, showcasing that he is rising star with a voice that will be around for a long time to come.

Photos By | Cameron Padilla