Atlanta Erupts as Rittz and King Lil G Gives A Show To Remember

Written By | Anubis

Walking in to the Buckhead Theatre from the brisk Atlanta air. There was a warm and familiar feeling in the building as you walk in. After getting through security you’re greeted to a Rittz merchandise table to your left and a long hallway leading to the theatre.  At the end of the hall is a merchandise table for King Lil G. As guest past the first set of double doors into the theatre they are greeted by a bar to their left. Continuing forward guest can choose to sit in the theatre seats in the back or stand in from of the stage in the pit.

Photo By | Anubis

Host Fort Knox and DJ come out on stage to warm fans up with classic Atlanta and California music, with fans full of anticipation King Lil G comes out on stage and fans erupt, King Lil G wanted to be very intimate fans saying “when I come to Atlanta my fans always get me high and show me a lot of love, so tonight I’m bringing a couple of you guys on stage and back stage to hang with us, DJ which ever fan is turning up the most bring them up here.” And fans went crazy wanting to join King Lil G and the rest of the CMT Crew on stage.

King Lil G continues his set choosing fans to come on stage with him, bringing out a close friend of his to introduce his fans to mexican culture King saying “I want to give you guys something special if you know this song sing along, this is a song we sing at our cultural activities.” And his friend proceeded to sing the song acappella in spanish. King Lil G finishes his set and a short intermission is taken before the headliner Rittz’s performance, fans take this chance to refuel on drinks and use the restrooms.

After a 15 minute intermission Rittz’s DJ comes out to warm the crowd up and inform everyone to “stay safe and look after each other.” After playing one song Rittz finally graced the stage and the Energy from the crowd erupted through the roof as fans were extremely happy to see him, you could feel the love through out the building. Rittz stopped his set many times just to take time to speak to the crowd telling his fans how much he loves and appreciates them saying “Damn this is my home town… I thought it would be more of y’all.” he and the crowd laughs.

Rittz continues “I remember to many of you from my shows coming up, I wouldn’t be here without you guys and I’m so glad to see you here again sharing this moment with me. “Rittz also continues to say” I drove here in the car with my parents and they are here tonight with us.” (Pointing to the back where his parents were standing) fans turn around and wave and cheer for them. Rittz continues  “Yea don’t cheer for my dad he doesn’t matter it’s all about mom as he would say himself. “fans Laugh and Rittz continues his show and eventually finds his way in to the crowd. Rittz finds his way back on stage and performs one final hit song fans have been asking for all night, before leaving Rittz tells fans to be safe and thanks them for being there tonight with him and his team in his home town. Fans clap and cheer for him and Rittz exits the stage.

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