Bazzi in Chicago at The Riviera Theatre With Opener Seb Torgus

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Written and Captured By | Nathan Moeller

Fans lined the street outside the Riviera Theatre, buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Some of them have been here for more than six hours as they await the venue doors to swing open for a night with Bazzi.

Starting with the opening act, Seb Torgus I was in awe with the energy he brought to the stage. His electric spirit and exotic behavior with crazy dance moves further increased fans’ excitement for Bazzi to enter the stage minutes to follow.

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Nothing could prepare me for the performance Bazzi was about to put on. The lights go out, the venue lights up with excitement. The fangirl behind me nearly blows my eardrums out with her loud screams as she jumps in the air. Bazzi’s shadow appears behind a curtain and a mic appears as he harmonizes welcoming himself to the stage.

The curtain drops and Bazzi takes a moment to look around at the crowd in awe in front of him. He jumps down from a bed positioned on stage and starts singing his fan’s favorite new release “Lost In The Simulation”, he is preparing the audience for a night full of singing their hearts out. You could feel the love in the air just after one song. Bazzi takes a moment to look in the crowd while singing another one of his famous love ballads.

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A couple catches his eyes and he welcomes them on to stage with him. The fan expresses his love for his girlfriend and how Bazzi was playing the first time they said “I love you” to each other. He even joked that when they have their first child they will name it after the singer, Bazzi opposes this ludicrous idea.

The fan then gets on one knee and proposes to his future wife.  She was in complete shock as Bazzi serenades her and as the tearful crowd cheers on. Bazzi jokingly ends the show there since nothing could top that precious moment.

The show must go on, Bazzi returns and crushes his top charting hits “Mine” and “Beautiful” for the fans who have been alongside him for the past 6 years and closes his heartfelt night in Chicago.

Nathan Moeller