Atlanta’s The Eastern Experiences Arlo Park’s “Collapsed In Sunbeams” Tour With Opener Puma Blue

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Written & Captured By | Andre Buchanan

Arlo Parks ended her Collapsed in Sunbeams tour at The Eastern in Atlanta. It was the last stop so fans were eager to buy tickets and purchase merchandise! The Eastern is possibly the best venue in Atlanta. With enough space to fit a couple thousand people to witness some if the best lighting set ups for performing artist, it’s only right that artist like Arlo Parks performs there. 

Opening up for Arlo, was Puma Blue, a band from London but currently living in Atlanta. Puma Blue gives off that authentic alternative sound that pumps out jazzy tunes. This is the type of music that you’d play to ease your mind while still keeping that funk!

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If you ever have the opportunity to see Arlo Parks perform let me fill you in on what to expect, a lot of singing and a lot of dancing from Arlo herself. She bounces back in forth from one side of the stage to the other. She does this all while keeping the soft smooth clear beautiful voice of hers. It’s amazing! She started her set. She started her set with one “Green Eyes” and played “Eugene” shortly afterwards, which just so happens to be my favorite song off of her Collapsed In Sunbeams album.

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The album is beautifully written and well composed. If you’re a fan on soothing tunes, give this album a listening too. Its one that should be on rotation. Arlo ended her set with her newest record “Softly”. I’m excited to see what new music she puts out as she continues to bring more colorful sounds to fans ears. If you missed this tour, do all that you can to check out any future performances by her. You will thank me later.