Best Student-formed Music Groups

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Even if you are not familiar with the term “college rock”, you might already know a famous band from Athens, Georgia called R.E.M. who have graced the world with a plethora of famous hit songs and gained a cult following through the generations. They are the ones who changed college rock forever during the 80s. It was this band precisely that has taken college rock or groups formed by students to an international stardom level. 

Then we also have Pink Floyd and Green Day as you might have guessed who have also started out as college students! Even the famous Radiohead started their career at the Abingdon School For Boys. It’s not surprising since college is one of the best places to get creative as you want to get away from the exams and all the burdens that usually come along!

Best Student-Formed Music Groups

  • Queen. 

It all started at London’s Imperial College and we would not have this legendary band if Brian May and Roger Taylor would not meet there. Brian May also got his major in Astronomy many years after, as you might already know. As Freddie Mercury often said, doing well at college also helped him to get noticed when the original singer left. It’s something to think about after all because the band’s lyrics always remained intelligent, and they had the right rock attitude! 

  • Pink Floyd. 

Before you start singing the famous refrain, we do need our education sometimes, especially if we can approach an essay helper online with no sarcasm in the classroom. Well, you get the idea! The band actually started at London’s Regent Street Polytechnic School, so they had an idea about the challenges of education. Everyone except for Syd Barrett was majoring in Architecture at another institution. Sure enough, they knew how to build the world’s greatest music!  

  • R.E.M. 

Although we have already mentioned this band at the very start, they have all the rights to represent college rock since they were the ones who could take it from the underground scene in Athens, Georgia to stadiums all over the world. As singer Michael Stipe would say, they had a message and always worked hard to get it delivered as they studied and did their best to learn all that they could! Indeed, their socially-driven songs always had a message and remained one of the most meaningful in terms of lyrics and the mission that they’ve had for decades. 

  • Muse. 

You might have heard some of their most famous hits by now! Although they belong to the younger generation of student-formed music groups, they could achieve legendary status among the world’s best musicians and music journalists. They belong to groups created by students because all three members of the band attended Teignmouth Community College. Now, who will talk against the benefits of being in a community college? They were originally called Rocket Baby Dolls and participated in the local college contest, which was a turning point for these great musicians! 

  • Boyz II Men. 

No, it is not only about rock music! This famous R’n’B band actually started when the band members were still in high school. It was their friendliness, style, and attitude that helped them to stay together as they joined various colleges, yet always got together to practice no matter what. This is how they got noticed as they also attended a special competition where the famous host Michael Bivins got them noticed. As we can learn, Shawn Stockman attended Creative and Performing Arts High School. Stockman often said that it was precisely what gave him the passion and skills that he has today. 

  • Imagine Dragons. 

In case you didn’t know, Dan Reynolds (lead singer) met Andrew Tolman (who played drums) at Brigham Young University. The band has been formed there as well. Even though Reynolds did not graduate from Brigham, he had an inspiration to become a law enforcement officer and planned to join the special forces. It helped him to approach things analytically and stay positive no matter what! As a seventh child in a family of nine siblings, he always took education seriously and always thanked the college years for allowing him to meet his friends. 

Why Are Student-Formed Bands Meant For Success? 

The answer is quite simple because this is where the majority of students had the luck of finding their soulmates and practicing. In certain cases, it was a pure coincidence as there were several bands that merged into one as the chemistry would kick in (the good type of chemistry, of course!) and the first songs would be written. The majority of colleges and universities also had good facilities to let the young people practice and get to know each other beyond the musical world. Since we talk about student-formed groups, it was only natural for the young people to approach their success differently and let it grow as they had the time and resources that came together at the right point to give us hours of listening pleasure! 

Diane Sherron loves to teach and share her skills as an educator and technician among college students, yet her true passion is music and writing. Her posts will tell you about college life and the great personalities that could make it big while at college. Follow Diane to make your learning fun and explore along!