Bravo The Bagchaser – “Get Rich” ft. AzChike

The 18-Year-Old Rapper Shares the First Video from His Recent Born 2 Win Album

Just 18-years-old and already one of the fastest-rising stars in Los Angeles, Bravo The Bagchaser is only getting started. Blowing money fast in a hillside mansion, Bravo shows us how he lives in the Get Rich” video, premiered by HipHopDX. Decked head-to-toe in Bathing Ape, Bravo trades bars with an equally fresh AzChike, playfully competing to see who can be the most outrageous (AzChike wins by a nose: “Patron, you can smell it when I burp”). In the JuddyRemixDem-directed video, the two L.A. rhymers gets their drink and smoke on, flashing wads of cashing and collecting weed by the ounce as a bevy of scantily-clad baddies look on. “Get Rich” is a standout track from Born 2 Win, Bravo’s new album, which hit the internet last week.

Expanding Bravo’s repertoire of flows–he expertly uses behind-the-beat flows, lockstep cadences, auto-tuned melody, and others when the mood strikes–Born 2 Win is an ultra-confident and effortlessly engaging slice of L.A. rap. The album hops from mood to mood and style to style, but never loses Bravo’s signature mix of earnest ambition and disrespectful attitude. The tape features highlights like the riders’ anthem “Slide For Me,” the glistening electro-funk “Too Many Problems,” and the highly disrespectful “Talk 2 Much.” Featuring additional appearances from Fenix FlexinWhite JohnMemo The Mafioso, and AFN PesoBorn 2 Win is available to stream across platforms.

Since making his mark on the scene in 2018 with his appearance on Let You Know” by fellow L.A. native BLE$, Bravo’s been one of the hottest young rappers in his city. Born in Granada Hills, but raised in South Central, the rapper ran up a string of street hits, racking up over 1 million YouTube views on videos like “Racin 2 Da Checc,” Know Better,” Bag Right,” and Trappin N Servin” by Bravo’s late friend Au$tin The PacMan. The young rapper is a frequent collaborator with Fenix Flexin of Shoreline Mafia, who teamed up with Bravo for Bravo Flexin” (4+ million views), “Quarters,” and  Keep It Real,” and invited Bravo on a co-headlining West Coast tour earlier in 2020. Bravo recently hopped on the remix Pippi Longstockin” by incarcerated L.A. rap icon Drakeo The Ruler, who sang Bravo’s praises in The FADER. His debut album and the direct follow-up to 2019’s Racin’ 2 Da Checc Vol. 2Born 2 Win establishes the young rapper as the next heir to the Latino L.A. rap tradition that birthed groups like Cypress Hill and Shoreline Mafia.