Coheed & Cambria | Mastodon in Atlanta at Coca-Cola Roxy

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The Unheavenly Skye Tour (2019): Coheed and Cambria, Mastodon, & Every Time I Die – Roxy (Atlanta) 

What do you get when you combine three unique and talented metal/rock bands who stand out in their genre of music? Well if those bands in question happen to be named Coheed and Cambria, Mastodon, and Every Time I Die then you get the highly anticipated The Unheavenly Skye Tour which just incidentally played Coco-Cola Roxy in Atlanta (05/31/2019). Imprint Entertainment was there. Were you? Check out the remaining tour dates at Coheed’s website and see if they are coming to a venue near you before this tour wraps up.

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Every Time I Die (ETID) is a hardcore punk/metalcore/rock band from Buffalo, New York that formed back in 1998. Every Time I Die has released eight (8) LPs and are well-known for their high energy and powerful live shows. Personally, I did not know what to expect because I have not really listened to this band in the past. I wanted to get the full on experience by immersing myself into their set while they played for a lot of die-hard fans. Keith Buckley’s (vocals) intense command of the stage while the rest of the band completely demolished their set with each thundering track for all the die-hard ETID fans who showed up early.  

Set list Coca-Cola Roxy 05/31/2019 – The Unheavely Skye Tour 

  1. “Roman Holiday” 
  1. “Glitches” 
  1. “Apocalypse Now and Then” 
  1. “We’rewolf” 
  1. “Floater” 
  1. “Decayin’ With the Boys” 
  1. “Thirst” 
  1. “INRlhab” 
  1. “It Remembers” 
  1. “The Coin Has A Say” 
  1. “The New Black” 
  1. “Map Change” 

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Mastodon is a heavy metal/sludge metal/progressive metal/alternative metal band that actually hails from Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of Troy Sanders (bass/vocals), Brent Hinds (guitar/vocals), Bill Kelliher (guitar), and Brann Dailor (drums/vocals). Since 2000, Mastodon has released seven (7) LPs and two (2) EPs with the Emperor of Sand (2017) being their latest release. I have had the pleasure of photographing some incredible bands over my career but Mastodon is still one of my favorites to shoot all-time! I love this band and everyone in it. The dudes in Mastodon are really amazing people who have stayed down-to-earth over the years since their debut. Currently, on this tour Mastodon is playing in its entirety their fourth (4th) release, Crack the Skye (2009). As a fan of this band, this was a set I had waited on since this tour went public back in February. But before they started this LP they treated the fans to four tracks from previous albums as you can see printed below in the set list.  

Set list Coca-Cola Roxy 05/31/2019 – The Unheavenly Skye Tour  

  1. “Blood and Thunder” 
  1. “Crystal Skull” 
  1. “The Motherload” 
  1. “Steambreather” 

Crack the Skye 

  1. “Oblivion” 
  1. “Divinations” 
  1. “Quintessence” 
  1. “The Czar” 
  1. “Ghost of Karelia” 
  1. “Crack the Skye” 
  1. “The Last Baron” 

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Coheed and Cambria is a progressive rock/alternative rock/progressive metal band from Nyack, New York that formed in 1995 and consists of Claudio Sanchez (vocals/guitar/piano/keyboards), Travis Stever (guitars/vocals), Josh Eppard (drums/keyboards/backing vocals), and Zach Cooper (bass/backing vocals). First, it is important to mention that most of Coheed and Cambria’s nine (9) LPs are conceptualized from a science-fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, a series created by Claudio Sanchez. Their latest release, Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures (2018), is their first on their new label, Roadrunner Records. The crowd had gathered in tight in the floor to await the start of Coheed’s set and you can see the excitement across the sea of faces. It is times exactly like these that demonstrates how powerful and meaningful music can manifest itself in someone’s life. During many times the crowd was noticeably singing as loud (if not louder) than Claudio as he could be seen smiling immensely on stage.   

Set list Coca-Cola Roxy 05/31/2019 – The Unheavenly Skye Tour  


  1. “The Dark Sentencer” 
  1. “Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant” 
  1. “Unheavenly Creatures” 
  1. “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” 
  1. “A Favor House Atlantic” 
  1. “True Ugly” 
  1. “Delirium Trigger” 
  1. “No World for Tomorrow” 
  1. “Gravity’s Union” 
  1. “Mother Superior” 
  1. “The Suffering” 
  1. “The Gutter” 
  1. “Old Flames” 



  1. “Welcome Home” 

Photo Credit: Xerxes Tzolis

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