Crumb in San Francisco at Slim’s With Divino Nino

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

If you have never been to Slim’s, then you need to look on their website and see if your favorite band is playing! Why? Because you have the ability to eat their in-house restaurant in the far back, where you still have a wonderful view of watching the band while eating. The space is well managed where any angle is a great view.

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This past Friday was wonderful seeing Crumb’s openers. They out did themselves that night and played so well. The vibe of the Divino Nino was very relaxing and chill. Their sets were amazing, and they definitely worked their magic on get the crowd geared up for Crumb. The crowd became more excited once the last opener left the stage and began to chant “Crumb” for about 3 minutes straight. Once Crumb came on stage the crowd roared with more excitement and happiness.

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Crumb began to say some words to the crowd and then started to play. The vibe throughout the venue was peaceful and felt as if it was another world from the music Crumb was playing. They played songs back to back without long breaks in between. Got to say the lead singer was brave in during that because they had a show the previous day as well.

Sadly, through the lead singer began to lose her voice more and more but carried on as long as she could. The show ended earlier than expected because her voice was shot, gladly though the crowd was respectful and gave them a huge round of applause. Was definitely a wonderful show that these audience members will forever remember!

Photos By | Andres Piedrahita

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