OHGEESY makes his triumphant return with the explosive and expensive “Get Fly,” with help from GRAMMY-nominated DaBaby and production by DA Doman (Travis Scott, Tyga, Eminem, Kodak Black). Watch the lavish companion visual, directed By Austin Simkins. “Get Fly” follows OHGEESY’s 2021 kickstart “Bandemic (E.D.D.),” which has racked an incredible 2.1 million global streams, showcasing his clear path to success as a solo artist. That path comes through loud and clear on “Get Fly,” the first single off his solo debut GEEZYWORLD, where Latin-style guitar cuts through a thick fingersnap-laden beat as OHGEESY and DaBaby flex with each bar before the hypnotic hook.

“That was the first time I had gotten into a bigger studio since the beginning of the pandemic,” OHGEESY says. “I walked in, played the beat, and finished it in 15 minutes. It’s my life. You wake up, start the day, and get fly to do anything. You even need to get fly just to listen to my music.”

Moving like a chess player, OHGEESY maneuvers through hip-hop with clear intention, knowing exactly where he wants to go and how he’ll get there. During his childhood, the Los Angeles-born Mexican American immediately gravitated to hip-hop. His uncle possessed an impressive CD collection, boasting classics by everyone from UGK and Juicy J to L.A. legends like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. In third grade, he even copied rap lyrics into his notebooks, predicting his fate. In 2017, he co-founded Shoreline Mafia. Within three years, the group picked up three platinum singles (“Bands,” “Nun Major,” and “Musty”) and two gold singles (“Whuss The Deal” and “Bottle Service”), gathered billions of streams, and earned acclaim from Pitchfork, The FADER, Forbes, The Washington Post, and Noisey, to name a few. The crew sold out one show after another, with four full US tours and two European tours within the span of two years. All were completely sold out – over 40 markets and 100k tickets sold. the dawn of the global pandemic, OHGEESY’s life had changed forever. He became a father, focused on “getting healthy” and he recorded more than ever before. Now, OHGEESY asserts himself as an impactful and inimitable solo presence on the mic. His deft wordplay, head-nodding hooks, and undeniable swagger fuel his 2021 full-length debut GEEZYWORLD [Atlantic Records] kickstarted by the first single “Get Fly” [feat. DaBaby].

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The OHGEESY brand extends to much more than just music: in 2017 he started his own line of OTXBOYZ branded merchandise, which can be found on his official merchandise website, GEEZYWORLD. The line offers selections for men, women, and toddlers, and includes standard clothing options as well as items such as exclusive skateboard decks, rolling trays, fake eyelashes, face masks, and posters.