Dermot Kennedy in Philadelphia at The Fillmore with Talos

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One of the most talked about shows this week at the Fillmore, Dermot Kennedy made his stop in Philadelphia as he tours to support his new album Without Fear.


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Opener Talos stood by his piano and warmed up the crowd in one of the strongest opening sets to grace the Fillmore. Joining Dermot for a portion of his tour, Talos was a perfect fit as he has both a similar sound and power to his music. Having just released an album earlier this year, Far Out Dust, Talos has gained almost one million streams on the title track. The passion in his performance was one of the highlights of the night.


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Dermot Kennedy just has a certain way of capturing the beautiful truths of life in a refreshingly simple way. I don’t mean simple in terms of lacking, but rather in the way his lyrical prose can be understood and truly felt by every person who listens. Taking unique life experiences and turning them into something anyone can relate to is a complete mark of artistry. There’s no need for large productions or choreographed moves when a musician truly feels every word they’re singing.

The crowd clung to every note as Dermot poured out his soul, backed by an equally talented band.

Bringing it back to his earlier days with ‘For Island Fires and Family’, long time fans were thrilled to hear some original tunes. On his recent album release, titled Without Fear, Dermot remixed some softer songs to include some heavier instrumentals, which carried over to the onstage performance incredibly well.

With eyes closed, Dermot stood center stage in front of a sold out crowd, and somehow still made every attendee feel as if he were singing to them. The power of his music could be seen as fans cried, cheered and sang along for the entire night.

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