Disturbed brought their arena headlining tour to The Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado

Written By | Brandon Thrift

Photo By | Brandon Thrift

Disturbed brought their arena headlining tour to The Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado on January 16th. Since forming in 1994 they have worked their way up the rock ranks and achieved rock stardom. They brought their friends in Three Days Grace to open for them.  

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Most rock concerts are all about the booze, mosh pits, and head banging but this night was something more than that. Upon Disturbed first coming out there was a different feel to concert. Before they came on stage there was a video that played showing various concert footage throughout the 20 plus years of the band touring live.  

Photo By | Brandon Thrift

During the first few songs lead singer, David Draiman, was rather soft spoken in between singing. There seemed to be something on his mind. During a break between songs he said, “I would like to make a special dedication. Time is fleeting and it waits for no one”. Then he went on to speak of how drummer, Mike Wengren’s dog died that night. “I’m an animal lover, but not in a weird way. Mike lost his dog Simon”. The he looked to Wengren and said, “use the music tonight to memorialize Simon”. After this the crowd burst into chants of “Simon”. It was a proper send off for Wengren’s fallen friend.  

During their entire set there was a giant screen behind them playing various images and video footage. They had quite a few other musicians pop on the screen throughout the night. Members of System of the Down, Pantera, Soundgarden, and Linkin Park to name a few.  

Photo By | Brandon Thrift

Fans sang along to some of their favorites “The Vengeful One” and “Stupify” before the band made their way to the middle of the floor. They had a second stage with candles lit on it that was a much more intimate setting. The lights turned off and the band appeared on the second stage. They performed “A Reason To Fight” and “Watch You Burn” in the middle of the floor with fans crowding around the barriers that lined the stage.  

After the brief change of pace, they were back on the main stage again where they were joined by a violinist and a celloist to help them perform their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”.  

Photo By | Brandon Thrift

After a couple more songs they said goodnight and left the stage. The stage lights stayed on as the crowd started chanting “Disturbed”. It was a matter of minutes before Draiman’s voice was once again heard over the microphone. They came back out and entertained their fans for three more songs before leaving the stage for good. Fans were smiling ear to ear on their way out as Disturbed treated them to a night that they will never forget.  

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Three Days Grace 

  1. The Mountain  
  1. Home  
  1. The Good Life  
  1. Pain  
  1. Infra-Red  
  1. Just Like You  
  1. Painkiller  
  1. Break  
  1. I Hate Everything About You  
  1. Animal I Have Become  

(With Seven Nation Army Interlude)  

  1. Never Too Late  
  1. Riot 



  1. Are You Ready  
  1. Prayer  
  1. The Vengeful One  
  1. The Animal  
  1. Stupify  
  1. Voices  
  1. Land of Confusion  

(Genesis cover)  

  1. Hold On to Memories  
  1. The Game  
  1. A Reason to Fight  
  1. Watch You Burn  
  1. The Sound of Silence  

(Simon & Garfunkel cover)  

  1. Indestructible  
  1. Inside the Fire  


  1. The Light  
  1. No More  
  1. Down With the Sickness 



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