Doobie came through Atlanta for his Highway To Hell Tour at The Masquerade

Written By | Andre Buchanan

On Thursday March 28th, Columbus, Ohio rapper Doobie came through Atlanta for his Highway To Hell Tour at The Masquerade. It was a packed house considering it being a sold out show and fans were more than ready to get lit with one of their favorite artist. While DJ SLVS started to get the crowed hyped for the show, there was a long line of fans with V.I.P tickets waiting to get their meet and greet with Doobie backstage.

Kicking off the show, multiple Ohio based artist like Evil Rio, Lean, and Doer Gang bring that energy that the crowd would expect being at a Doobie show! The crowed definately enjoyed each artist as they each had there own style and stage presence! With all the energy one can only imagine how hot it got in there, so you know shirts had to come off.

Next up coming to the stage Swaun, who was the newest member to the label. His performance was short but sweet and proved why he is where he is now. He was the perfect opener for one of the main artist on tour, Krash Minati. If you want to talk about somebody that gets the crowed hyped, he’s your boy! From going into the middle of the crowd to turn up to hitting a blunt that one of the fans snuck in, Krash Miniati brought that energy! Oh yeah I guess I forgot to mention that there would be marijuana present but what do you expect? This is a Doobie show!

Keeping that same energy, came Doobie. The man that everybody has been waiting for! The crowed was too lit and the ladies were screaming their hearts out. Unfortunately Doobie had a horse throat but he still put on a great show and the crowed loved him for it. When I tell you that this man loves to stage dive, I mean he really loves to stage dive! He even brought up some kids that came to his show and let them stage dive. You can tell that a lot of Doobie’s fans have been down with him since day 1. Some of these people traveled from out of state to be there and that just shows how connected and loyal they are which says a lot about him personally. All in all, it was a good night for everybody.

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