“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”


Ecko, the Argentinean rapper who makes his followers vibrate to the tune of his indomitable creations transcending the barriers of urban music,  releases his new and electrifying single, “Bien Backeao,” today at 8 pm EST. The piece is inspired by the delirious experiences of the rapper with his friends.

“Bien Backeao emerged from a freestyle by the artist and was produced by Belto, producer of “Real Freestyle,” and the incomparable Omar Varela, who has already made several songs with Ecko and is recognized as one of the most important pioneers of the urban genre in Argentina.

Once again, Ecko proves that his exorbitant creativity has the power to envelop his followers to the limits of euphoria. His remix of “Turraka” went gold in Argentina in 8 weeks and was #1 on the Billboard Argentina chart for 8 weeks, but still remains in the Top 3 with over 61M views.

As if this were not enough, the artist, who has several skills, where in 2021 he was the lead actor in the HOB Max series Días de Gallos’ and stars in the Lexus IS 2022 commercial in the US. Without a doubt, he is an unstoppable artist who will continue to amaze us with his diverse projects and his unique style.