Greyson Chance Rang In His Tour With A Stop At The Foundry in Philadelphia

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Written and Captured By | Jamie Stow

Greyson Chance rang in his tour celebrating his new album, Palladium, with a stop at The Foundry in Philadelphia. The intimate room was comfortably full but not packed. Nonetheless, fans seemed excited to welcome the singer to the stage.

Singer Dynamyte took the stage first to warm up the crowd. She stunned the audience with her amazing voice and bubbly personality. She was accompanied by one guitarist and the two put on a great show. She ended the set up by hopping on the drums to compliment her singing.

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Finally around 9PM it was time for Greyson to take the stage. He, along with the duo of a guitarist and drummer, started out with the new song “Mercury Year” which he took on behind the piano. During “Aloe Vera” Greyson entertained the crowd with by dancing to the slow beat of the song. The setlist was mostly focused around the recently released album and included new songs like “My Dying Spirit,” “Down & Out,” and “The Balcony Song.” The singer chose to leave out songs off of his 2021 release Trophies but the songs didn’t seem to be missed as he belted out new songs and old songs alike. He included many old favorites off of his album Portraits, like “Stand” and “Shut Up.”

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The crowd seemed relaxed and enjoyed dancing to the music. Chance took the time to introduce his new drummer to the crowd as well, who happened to be a Philly native. After this introduction, the two back up musicians left the stage so Greyson could perform “Good as Gold” by himself accompanied by his piano. He told the crowd that even after singing the heart warming song for years, he was just not starting to take his own words to heart. Rotating from the piano to center stage, Chance sang for almost 2 hours and kept up his impressive voice from the first song to the very last. He left the stage for good after the title track of the album, “Palladium.”

Jamie Stow