Greyson Chance in Philadelphia at The Foundry

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Greyson Chance’s evolution from childhood prodigy to well-rounded performer and musician comes as no surprise to fans who have followed closely to the 21-year-olds journey. Gaining popularity early on from a viral cover of a Lady Gaga Song, and a guest appearance on Ellen, Greyson has been developing his artistic abilities and stage presence from a young age.

Greyson poured his heart out for fans at The Foundry in Philly on Friday night, showcasing his skills on the piano and as a singer. Although his songs have always been sincere glimpses into both his life and mind, Greyson’s recent album portraits (also the title of the tour) has captivated listeners across the world. Utilizing some of the clever introductions to songs on the album, Greyson was able to provide a personal touch to his onstage performance by recounting stories of moments shared with his mom. Audience members were able to feel as though they experienced his childhood and understood where the singer was able to pull some of his inspiration from.

Greyson’s personality shined through as he performed his “coming of age song”, Twenty-One, with a bottle in hand and a smile on his face. Sobering moments as Greyson opened up about some of his sadder songs were perfectly balanced with a youthful and exciting stage presence. Knowing how to interact with your audience can be one of the hardest parts of live performance, and Greyson was living proof that a small stage doesn’t define the quality of the concert.

“It’s hard living in the chaos, but I’m a firm believer that whenever there is a bad thing, there are a million good things coming after…Focus on loving yourself, your friends, your family and waking up every day and finding the silver lining, because life is really short.” – Greyson Chance

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