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How to Use SMS Services to Fuel Your Business Revenue?

As an entrepreneur, one of the things you will constantly think about is how to drive sales and boost revenue for your venture. Part of it will be through reaching out to customers via the various communication channels, telling them about your products, services, offers, and information about your business. While emails and social media will be at the core of your marketing approaches, SMS marketing is also quite fundamental, and for various reasons.

For starters, SMS texts are short and precise, meaning there’s a higher likelihood that the recipient will read the text, understand it, and even take the desired action. If they are well-targeted and personalized, text messages can go a long way in boosting brand recognition in increasing sales.

Moreover, almost every person in your target market probably has a cell phone, meaning that your message will be reaching out to potentially millions of people instantly every time you send one. This is not to forget that marketing SMSs can be sent in bulk to dozens of recipients!

Without further ado, here’s a brief on how to use SMS services to fuel your business revenue.

1. SMS Services and Why Do You Need Them 

One of the ways to leverage text messages for marketing in your business is to use a reliable SMS service provider. SMS service providers are companies who offer a wide range of text messaging services. As seen at, these range from creating SMS marketing campaigns to increasing transaction security, delivering PIN codes and one-time passwords to clients, and so much more. Integrating the services of an SMS API provider in your marketing strategy can help improve customer trust for your brand and eventually skyrocket your sales returns. Read on to find out more ways you could use SMS texts in your business to improve your sales.

2. Run Deals and Promotions 

Nothing is more crucial than timing when it comes to pushing new products into the market. The best thing about text messaging is that it can be precisely timed to deliver the message at the right time to the right people without second-guessing or speculating. You can use marketing SMSs to reach customers with messages about your latest promotions, offers, or discounts.

Since most cell phone users read SMSs as soon as they come in, well-timed messages can reach a consumer when they’re most likely to make a purchase or take the desired action. For instance, sending out push promotional messages about your pizza offers in the evening (when consumers are most likely hungry) can help drive sales.

3. Use SMS for Contests 

Contests such as giveaways and sweepstakes can be a great incentive to persuade consumers to get registered for your program. As long as they’re well planned and properly timed, contests can be quite effective in promoting a brand’s recognition as well as boosting sales. After all, most consumers love being given a chance to win prizes if they participate in a contest. This way, they know that their time and money won’t be spent in vain.

4. Enhance Customer Service Using SMS 

Whether you’re a growing business or a well-established name in the industry, nothing beats the importance of exceptional customer service. Well, there are many channels to offer good customer service, and SMSs are not an exception. You can use SMS as part of your customer support platform, where the customer simply texts to find out information or seek assistance from your business whenever they need it. This is quite common in the hotel industry, where guests simply use SMS texts to communicate with the hostesses and receptionists.

5. Seek Customer Feedback 

Also, you could send out SMSs to your recent consumers asking how satisfied they are with your services and what they think could be done to make their experience better. It is a great way to ask for feedback from customers, which is information you could improve your products or services. Over time, this can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

6. Offer Tips & Advice 

Customers will always appreciate helpful and informative content from time to time. You could use SMS services to send tips and advice occasionally, making sure the content sent is related to your business, products, or services. It helps make customers feel valued and cared for, thus increasing their chances of making purchases from your business.

7. Appointment Reminders 

Do your clients set up appointments with your business? Especially if you’re in the service industry, SMS can be a great way to automate reminders and minimize missed appointments or no-shows. This not only helps save you from the time and hustle of having to reschedule, but it also has an impact on the revenue generated from appointments.

We live in a mobile-dominated world, and this is something that companies should take advantage of. With a great plan in place, you could use SMS marketing in the above ways to improve sales and grow your business. Just make sure to observe regulations and don’t forget to personalize your SMSs to suit the intended customer’s needs.