IMPRINT Interview with Alternative Pop Artist Rouxx

Written & Interviewed By | Leyan Bitar

Los Angeles artist-on-the-rise Rouxx chatted with IMPRINT Entertainment and reflected on his musical journey thus far. Releasing a video and a visual for his latest single “Hit Harder,” Rouxx knew that he had to talk about the all-too-familiar feeling of being down and finding it impossible to get back up. He said, “It’s kind of a song about when things are really rough and then something comes along and… it’s even worse and knocks you down even more when you already feel like you’re at your lowest point.”

The video, which shows Rouxx in a room with newspaper clippings plastered on its walls, illustrates the anxiety and stress that the world has been in for the past year. The fire at the end of the video, which many have asked Rouxx about, signifies him letting go of this year’s negativity and accepting it for all what it has been.

When IMPRINT asked him about this song, Rouxx said, “I’ve actually gotten a really good response from that song. A lot of people have told me that it kind of helped them get through suicidal thoughts and things like that which has been really powerful… Being able to connect with people on that level has been really instrumental to me.”

And Rouxx has been doing that. In every interaction he has with his fanbase online, Rouxx makes sure to refer to them as his “fam.”

In response to where this came from, Rouxx said, “I had this song called Gravestone that I put out; I think it was last year. There’s a line in that song that says, ‘I only love my friends because they’re my family’ and you know…you should surround yourself with people who you would consider your family… people who would take care of you like family. I want these people who are out here supporting me to know that they have my support in return.”

From his early days in pop punk bands, to winning MTV’s breakout artist award, Rouxx has continuously elevated himself into a new genre of “alternative pop.”

However, when IMPRINT asked if he “fit” that particular description, Rouxx replied, “Not really. I think that if you’re gonna do something… there’s always one of you. Everyone’s always like, ‘You gotta pick a lane. You gotta fall into a certain thing’ but you know, in this day and age, it’s like genres are so blended… and I think EDM music had a lot to do with that, started blending… so what even is a genre?” Rouxx cares for his voice to be heard. To him, “music is just there to create kind of a backdrop… the scenery to the story being told.”

When asked about his newest project, Rouxx said to expect “the biggest release” of his career to date on May 14 th .

“It’s about being 100% you, being unapologetic about who you are. Everybody’s on their journey… maybe some people are on the journey at the same time together, but like everybody’s individual personal journey is different… it’s just a song about not giving a crap about what anybody thinks about you, being yourself, with your friends and having a good time and enjoying your life.”

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