IMPRINT Interview with Singer-Songwriter Bren Joy

Written & Interviewed By | Leyan Bitar

Artist, creative, and Nashville, Tennessee native, Bren Joy, spoke to IMPRINT Entertainment about his childhood, musical influences, and recent projects. Growing up in what he called a “quiet” Nashville, Joy reflected on what it meant to be come up surrounded by a “lot of music and live entertainment” with constant inspiration.

Although he didn’t know that he was going to pursue music as seriously as he is now, Joy did say he
received a lot of support from his parents when he made the decision.

“My parents have been very adamant on like, ‘If you like something go for it in life’, major in it do the full shebang.”

When asked about what music did for him, Joy replied, “[Music] changed my life, it just worked… I kinda understood it I don’t know why I understood it so well… I always say that music is a different language, and I am completely incapable my ADD won’t allow me to learn a different language for sure, but I guess music is that language for me. It just spoke to me.”

In May of 2019, a year after he started writing music, Joy released his debut project Twenties. Twenties is an eight-song tracklist that merged Joy’s love for gospel, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and pop music. The project, which has been “in its own lane” aimed to redefine mainstream sound and bring something new to the fans.

Given the project’s success, Joy released Twenties Deluxe in 2021. When IMPRINT asked about that, he said, “I didn’t intend on there being a deluxe… All these songs I made over a year ago and they spoke to me.”

Commenting on Twenties, Joy said, “These specific seven songs finished the first impression that I wanted to give off. The whole point of Twenties is to give my, ‘Hi, how are you? I’m Bren Joy’ you know?”

As Joy said, every artist’s first project is their entrance to the music industry. To him, Twenties was not about being “perfect” or “giving the bops,” it was about much, much more. In their seven and fifteen  tracks, respectively, Twenties and Twenties Deluxe explore themes of vulnerability, insecurity, hope, and self-love.

IMPRINT’s time with Joy was memorable as it touched upon writing, producing, performing, and some of his career highlights such as sharing the stage and opening for Megan Thee Stallion and Jhené Aiko which he says was “crazy and insane.”

In the coming year, Joy expects to share “so much music. New visuals, shows, merch, everything. I kinda wanna… [just] show people what I’ve been making in the past year.” Whether it’s your first time listening to Bren Joy or not, his inspirational words are sure to stick with you. His last thoughts to IMPRINT and to those pursuing music were to “hold your art to the highest standard and get what you deserve.”

Connect with Bren Joy: IG @brenjoy, Twitter @brennenjoy, website