IMPRINT Interview With Up-And-Coming Y Chibi

Interviewed & Written By | Louis Washington

Dallas hip hop artist Y Chibi took the time to touch on his new music he’s been releasing since his emergence onto the scene. His first major release “Big Dawg” is rising in numbers and has been well received by his fans, new and old.  Y Chibi touched on a ton of topics including his uncle helping him utilize studio time to knock out a lot of songs, really growing as a creative person, how his EP, “Pain-Tience” was freestyled and his goals for the future.  

More recently, the ‘Big Dawg’ (prod. By SnapFilmzHD) music video was released to accompany Y Chibi’s newest single. Shot in Dallas, ‘Big Dawg’ flexes a cast of characters including Y Chibi’s entourage, ATV riders, dancers and a variety of Big Dawg merchandise. Y Chibi dons a Yves Saint Laurent vest and adds icing to the cake with an all-white Lamborghini for our viewing pleasure.  In addition to the lively mood of the video, you notice a life size dog house entrance and a dog bowl packed with stacks of cash. The dog house appears throughout the video adding the impact of the hook when Y Chibi raps, “Big Dawg, I gotta stand tall”. 

Y Chibi has covered a lot of ground in the past 2 years musically; consistently dropping new music. Arguably his most passionate performance thus far was his song Street Dreams, which was accompanied by a video. When speaking about the 2020 release Y Chibi said,

“I was in a good head space after the [Pain-Tience] EP. I finally feel like I’m accomplishing what I had to accomplish. All the things you’ve been through, it adds up to this.”     

Y Chibi concluded by reassuring his fans of his upcoming project;

“I’m just ready to drop this album. I want people To see what I got, then added, “I’m here to stay, I want them to know that too.”