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IMPRINT Review | E-40 x Milla are “Melting” in Drip

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

Vallejo, CA-based OG rapper E-40 dropped a unique, watery, and rampant new video today, called “Melt”. Directed by Ben Griffin, who has directed a variety of videos for Lil Pump (Gucci Gang, Butterfly Doors, ESSKEETIT), Ella Mai (10,000 Hours, Lay Up), and The Game (All That [Lady]), he has been well-known for delivering great-quality videos for the Bay Area rapper, which consisted from songs like Choices (Yup), Savage, and Chitty Bang. Now with a visually creative video, along with the announcement of his upcoming album, Practice Makes Paper – the latest installment in the “Definitions Trilogy”, the Vallejo OJ brings much fulfillment to speak upon his boss moves, the wetness of his jewelry and swagger, which equate to melting, and how his fame matches to his apparent lavish lifestyle and how much he faced growing up in poverty.

The video starts with E-40 pointing his finger to the sky and he then starts to crouch for a bit, moving side to side, while the title shows E-40 and Milla’s name on certain sides with light blue neon lighting, and the title of the song comes forward to the viewer and enlarges the font of the title until it fades away. Another excellent portrayal of the video is the great amount of condensation through the background of the title drop. With Milla rapping “I Don’t Drip, I Melt” throughout the chorus, it comes with a raunchy West Coast-style beat drop. Then afterward, E-40 also comes forward in the video with an all-white Versace fur coat and Versace durag, showing off his diamond grill and jewelry, as a way to show his melting drip.

An E-40 video wouldn’t be an E-40 video without a beautiful amount of the models enjoying the time of their lives. The video shows a curly-haired female showing a melting ice cube, a female dancing to the beat on rotation, and a group of guys dancing throughout the song. Some of these females were licking on melting ice, while E-40 does his two-step dance in the song with the male dancers. What makes the video live up to its name is the interactive video transition, coming as water droplets.

Throughout the video, most of the guys are turnt up with the vibrant dance moves; while providing a blue backdrop and blue lighting in the video, the video then switches to a red backdrop with female models dancing and vibing to the song. E-40’s wardrobe is also on point when comes in the red backdrop with a red and yellow coat with a short brim toque, and another shot, he comes with a yellow and black infused jacket with a Fendi headband. He also promotes his own E. Cuarenta Tequila in a close-up shot, while rapping “I’m a boss, I should give myself a raise.”

Other notable things that managed to happen were that artists like Nef The Pharaoh, ShooterGang Kony, & P-Lo make guest appearances in the video, and throughout the end, the videography comes rapidly with a variety of shots of every single person from the video and it brings much exposure throughout each shot from front to back. In the end, it shows the director cut, which mentions that it was directed by Ben Griffin. The video, overall, is a slapper that we needed for the Bay Area OG and that we hope that you’re melting in drip, regardless.

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