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Dead Sara, a band formed in the early 2000s from Los Angeles, California consisting of Emily Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Siouxsie Medley (lead guitar), and Sean Friday (drums) has been taking over the Alternative Rock scene with their electrifying sound. Since their breakthrough into the industry with the hit ‘Weatherman’ in 2012, they have collaborated with talented writers, producers, toured with some major headliners, and played on late night talk shows.


Their new EP Temporary Things Taking up Space adds a “Poppy element that gives the sound a new flavor,” Lead singer Emily Armstrong told IMPRINT when we had the opportunity for an interview. The six song EP was a process of learning new things for the band, as well as unlocking and expanding on the things they already knew in order to create a unique sound that both new and old fans could appreciate.

Collaborating with other writers, producers and Atlantic Management for these six songs, Dead Sara aimed to convey a story inside each one. “Temporary Things Taking up Space is about exposing yourself more; its something millions of people can relate to”, Emily told IMPRINT. “It’s liberating. It’s exciting to not know what always comes next, that’s the fun, that’s the element of surprise!”

Success doesn’t come without some trials and tribulations, but even through their setbacks, Dead Sara has remained determined, strong and vigilant over the years. “This band is like a marriage,” Emily told IMPRINT, “ We work through challenges, and the music we create helps to keep the marriage strong.” With so many years of rocking under their belts, they’ve seen changes in management and gained experience in various areas, but their biggest personal accomplishment has been keeping the same talented members throughout.


When asked how she would describe one of their concerts in three keywords, Emily jokingly quoted Kanye West saying, My greatest pain in life is that I‘ll never be able to see myself perform live.” Not to worry Emily, your wedding party of media members over here at IMPRINT has that covered.

Recently IMPRINT staff went to see Dead Sara play in Atlanta and reported that the audience was “Spellbound”, that Emily’s voice was “Powerful” and that the set was “Emotive.” So there you have it, Dead Sara! You put on a Spellbinding, powerfully emotive set. Those are the keywords and we’re sticking to them! 

This band really enjoys playing concerts, “When we play live, we get the chance to be ourselves more. We get to sell everything that we have to offer, wholeheartedly.” Emily stated, adding “each atmosphere is unique and the feelings or wording may change up a little each time as we go, but Radio One Two’ is always my favorite song to play live.”

As much as the band loves playing shows, they also appreciate the thinking and teamwork that comes along with recording in the studio. Which is great to know considering there is “More recording, more touring and less thinking.” in the near future, according to Emily. We can’t wait to see what success comes next!


Dead Sara is currently on tour. Check out their website to see if they are playing in your city! Keep updated on their Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube. Check out the newest released music video below.


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