03 Greedo documentary out now + Album out this Friday

“Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo,” documents the lead up to 03 Greedo’s prison sentence, featuring interviews from his team and the “Living Legend,” himself. In the 20-min documentary, Greedo gives us a tour through his hometown of Watts – from pouring champagne out for a friend who had passed away during a visit to their house, to a trip to the Watts Towers, where his managers discuss the undeniable energy and talent Greedo possesses. It culminates with the heart-sinking reality that such an authentic and promising talent is forced to table his rise due to a system that is stacked against him. Greedo leaves us with one final question: “Do you go this hard for what you stand for?”

The documentary comes ahead of this Friday’s Still Summer In The Projects release. The album, executive-produced by Mustard, offers a captivating look at Greedo’s mentality in the weeks and months leading up to his prison sentence, using Mustard’s legendary West Coast production and Greedo’s penchant for raw storytelling to craft a project that’s versatile, vulnerable, yet hard-as-nails. The project culminates in the gorgeous closing track “Visions,” which finds Greedo reflecting on his prison sentence and envisioning his comeback, ending with a confessional delivered by Greedo through a prison phone. Featuring appearances from YG, Shoreline Mafia, and Trilliano, Still Summer In The Projects releases on April 19 via Alamo/Interscope/10 Summers.

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