Here at IMPRINT, we have been following the success that Yoshi Flowers has been accumulating over the last couple of months. We have had coverage on the release of ‘Brown Paper Bag (maxi)’, experienced a live set in Detroit while on tour with SG Lewis and just recently, we covered the release of his debut mixtape, ‘American Raver’.  So naturally, when Imprint Entertainment was given the opportunity for a phone interview with Yoshi Flower,  there was absolutely no way we would be passing that up. We definitely wanted to get to know a little bit more about this unique emerging artist.

Hearing my ringtone at exactly 5:00pm EST on 10.19.2018, I answered my cell and spoke to Nicole from Interscope Records who quickly and pleasantly, connected Yoshi and I for the interview. I had a list of questions prepared but, really only ended up having to use them a couple of times. Talking to Yoshi was easy. He was very laid back, threw out a few jokes and wore his heart on his sleeve. It was a refreshing interview to say the least.

Explaining a bit about his background, Yoshi told Imprint that he grew up in a house that loved music. Not only did his parents tastes influence him, but his brother had a wide range of taste in genres that he also shared with Yoshi. Music became a very personal thing for him, creating music and playing the guitar was a soothing escape from the bullying he had to endure at school. Making friends over the years online and in the music community, Yoshi slipped a foot in the industry door and hasn’t looked back since.

Using love, loss, emotions, drugs, the internet and life in general as his base of inspiration, Yoshi finds muse and beauty in everyday things, telling Imprint that “Flaws are your superpowers,” and we couldn’t agree more. When asked what his biggest accomplishment to date was, Yoshi told Imprint that his biggest achievement had happened just earlier that day when his mother called to tell him she had been listening to American Raver non-stop. The feels, am I right?

Yoshi enjoys both studio time and playing live sets, but pointed out the pros and cons. While he can meet other talented people in the studio and create music he is proud of, the patience of waiting to share his new projects wears thin quick. During concerts, he loves meeting the supportive fanbase he has gained and enjoys the improv that goes into live sets. Each one is unique, just like his sound. His favourite song to perform live is “Brown Paper Bag” because the fans in the crowd go wild and that hypes him up. Yoshi told Imprint that both are equally important to him though and that he doesn’t want to burn out doing just one thing.

Asking Yoshi for any final thoughts for his fans before our conversation ended he quoted, “Hope is dope, God save the rave, just keeping it PLURified. Love life and love yourself.” Imprint Entertainment definitely loves life and loves how humble and wonderful Yoshi Flower is.

KEEP UP-TO-DATE WITH ALL THINGS YOSHI FLOWER BY CHECKING OUT HIS INSTAGRAM,  TWITTER, FACEBOOKTUMBLR, SPOTIFY SOUNDCLOUD. Yoshi is currently wrapping up a fall tour. Click HERE for a full list of remaining dates. Check out the American Raver mixtape here or stream it below.

Below is the summarized Yoshi Flower audio transcription.

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