jacuh Discusses His Songwriting Process & His Music

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When asked about his journey, jacuh, an independent hip hop talent with west coast trap undertones, said that he began writing music at the age of thirteen years old. It was a singularly healthy method for coping with difficulties and which utilized his talent in order to express himself creatively and independently from other people’s expectations or ideas on what it meant be successful (or not).

What started as a means of self-expression became something that gave him great joy and finally felt like it matched who he really was. Further, jacuh adds – “When I originally created my individual social media “artist”; profiles, I barred everyone I knew as well as anyone who may have identified me as a creator. I was quite worried and anxious about potentially negative backlash. When I aged sixteen, I finally worked up the guts to release an EP (titled “Everything, All the Time” on my Birthday, debuting my music to the community. It was a dose of reality for  me; however, I won’t claim that I felt I was great musically before I presented people with my songs.” 

He goes on – “Since then, I think it’s really exciting to be able to share this with you all. It has been such a relief and inspiration, knowing that there are people who understand what I’m going through and appreciate my creative outlet as well.”

There’s no one quite like jacuh. He has the ability to make you feel like your problems are just as important, if not more so than his own – which is something that isn’t always seen in today’s society where people tend only focus on what they themselves went through or how much worse things can get without remedying them first-hand; but with this artist it seems inevitable because every song he writes brings up some type of connection between himself and those who hear them—whether directly related or not.

He used to start off by locating the rhythm, writing words for it in step two and then recording them. But nowadays he is more creatively compelling because of how much time has passed since his early formative days wheneverything happened so quickly!

He states – “I mix several of my very own tunes and create the majority of the beats. To obtain the greatest expression of what I’m considering. I occasionally may use the old artistic method or perform something like building the beat, repeating it for a bit, and improvising it when scribbling what I’m saying. I begin the procedure with anything I feel like making at the time, although I’m pleased with how effective my technique has become.”