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Joan comes back to Atlanta at the Vinyl – Center Stage

Written By | Jade Yi


Performing as the main performers and not an opener, Joan comes back to Atlanta with a bang at The Vinyl Atlanta!

The night started off with the opener Ralph! Canadian singer, Ralph starts the night with an amazing 30 minute set of storytelling through her honest and relatable music/lyrics. Her upbeat and hype energy definitely set the tone for the night as she gets the crowd warmed up with her funky beats that listeners are able to groove and sway back and forth too.

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Although a small stage, Ralph displayed high energy as she danced and jumped around the stage and moved with the audience! Ralph was definitely a great opening to the night and got everyone hyped and ready for a night or music!

As Ralph finishes her set, everyone starts to get antsy as workers start to strike the stage for Joan to come up. The venue soon starts to get more and more packed as it is almost time for Joan to come on stage. Minutes go by and the crowd is warned with dim lighting that Joan is about to enter the stage. As the crowd waits in the mysterious lighting, Steven and Alan then appear on stage and the crowd goes crazy! Joan begins their set with their songs like “stop and stare.”

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You can tell that everyone that was there truly loved Joan because they were able to sing every song word for word. As a couple songs go by, they announce that they will be releasing a new ep. soon and that they will be performing all six tracks! The crowd goes wild and pulls out their phones as Joan plays their new unreleased music to the audience. The songs went from fun and upbeat, to more slow and emotional songs. As they were playing their new music, every other song, they would play songs that they have released and the audience can sing and dance along too.

It was amazing to see the bands reaction as the crowd sand along word for word for these songs and one could definitely tell it meant a lot to the band. The night ends with their one of their hit songs “I loved you first,” a slow pop song that ends the concert with a bitter sweet moment. Seeing Joan back in Atlanta for their own tour was amazing and cannot wait for future tours!

Photo Credit | Jade Yi