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After generating enthusiasm in the public by sharing fragments of the song on TikTok, the multi-platinum artist from Puerto Rico Jossef catapults a new Puerto Rican sound with the song “CONTESTO O IGNORO” together with his compatriot and music star, Robi. Uniting their different styles through the song, both artists show why the great music stars come from the island of enchantment. Listen to this new single on all digital music platforms.

The song, written by Jossef and Fantasma and produced by Charlie Night City and OceanVi, emerged from a process of musical exploration in the artist’s studio in Puerto Rico. Following one of Jossef’s own paths of creation, they started working with a melodic base that allowed them to discover the most suitable genre for the song in a smooth way. Later Robi joined the creation contributing his own vision and composition.

“CONTESTO O IGNORO” conveys the feeling of uncertainty we get when we want to be with someone and life’s circumstances don’t allow it. It also reveals the excitement and vertigo that arises when there are no more obstacles and our desire finally comes true. The song radiates the energy and uncontrolled passion that appears when we fulfill that desire that has been with us for a long time.

With each song he releases, Jossef seeks to connect with his audience by drawing inspiration from life, so that they can easily identify. Without a doubt, this new single, which has already been receiving a strong reception thanks to its appearance on TikTok, is here to shake its followers and captivate a larger audience.