Jukebox The Ghost in Philadelphia at Union Transfer with openers Corook

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Written By | Jonah van Bemmelen

Coming to Union Transfer I was excited to see Jukebox the Ghost because everything I had heard from them in the past I really liked. I showed up to the venue to an already packed crowd still with plenty of time until the opener.

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When Corook came on the crowd was super excited and gave her their full attention. She got the people going with her song “I don’t f*** with snakes” where she had very comical lines and catchy music to go along with it, everybody was loving it. Soon after the singer brought out a banjo and then eventually took out a bass which she said was her first time ever playing in concert. Another highlight of their set was when the singer let the crowd know they could name anything for her to make a song about. When somebody shouted out the suggestion “eggs” she proceeded to make a free-styled song about eggs that had everyone laughing again and was a big hit. Overall Corook was a great opener that had everybody dancing with a set that included all kinds of things that you wouldn’t expect to see out of an opener.

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After a short delay Jukebox the Ghost came on the stage to a loud ovation. With having two singers everyone was very entertained, one was on the guitar and the other was on the piano and a drummer played in the back. They played all their hits including “everybody’s lonely”, “colorful”, and “cheers”. The highlight of the set for me is when they played a cover of Hall and Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”. They said that this was the first night of their tour and played a few new songs that the crowd really enjoyed and then briefly left the stage to come back on for their encore. Overall it was a great set filled with high energy, great music, and crowd participation. 

Photos By | Jonah van Bemmelen