Kenzo Balla Collapses the Pocket on ‘Mr. Ready To Blitz’ EP

The Rising New York Native Walks Back His Opps with a White-Knuckle Approach Over 14 Tracks, Featuring Appearances from His Brother TG Crippy, Pdot Savv, & More

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Chomping at the bit to flood his opposition with an arsenal of hard-nosed flows, Kenzo Balla approaches his art with the high-risk, high-reward approach of an elite blindside threat. Down, set, and ready to apply pressure on any instrumental, the Bronx native shares his new EP, Mr. Ready To Blitz. Featuring appearances from his brother TG Crippy, plus other risers from his home borough’s prolific scene, Mr. Ready To Blitz is available everywhere via 10K Projects.

Leveraging his devastating explosiveness across 14 tracks, including recent singles like the high-octane “Krash Out,” and the Cito Blick and Pdot Savv-assisted “Don’t Panic,” Kenzo’s impactful performance on the EP lives up to its title. On “Feel The Rage,” Kenzo bursts onto an endearingly melancholic drill instrumental with the headstrong momentum of a mammoth nose tackle like Vince Wilfork, while more fast-paced cuts like the Rayy Balla-featured “Go Kuu” highlight Kenzo’s elusive agility as he flashes through instrumental pockets like Troy Polamalu. Like all the most elite defensive rushers in the game, Kenzo’s strength lies in his opponent’s inability to contain him– in the split second it takes to register his arrival on the track, he puts himself 10 steps ahead.

Alongside the EP, Kenzo shares a new visual for the Nas EBK-assisted project highlight, “SMMBF.” Directed by Klo Visionz, the video captures all the frenzied carnivalesque energy of the track itself. An Kenzo-led ensemble’s odyssey through the nighttime streets of the Bronx, the lightning quick pace of “SMMBF” will consume listeners if they can’t keep up. 

A rising name in one of the nation’s busiest rap scenes, Kenzo Balla made his mark on the scene with his relentless rhymes and high-energy vocals. Known for collaborating with fellow Bronx heavyweights like his brother TG Crippy, Kenzo kicked off his career with a frenzy of fiery videos, including local hits like “5th To Sev” ft. TG Crippy & Pdot Sav (1.9 million video views), “OOTAZ,” and the “Love Nwantiti”-remixing Let Me Know” (1.8 million views). This summer, the former AAU baller tore up the streets with Dead Gzz,” a vicious, uptempo missive that racked up over 1.3 million video views since its release in June.

Now signed to 10K Projects, Kenzo Balla emerges from his perch in the Bronx to blitz the rap game. Sit back and watch his rise, because there’s no stopping it.

Mr. Ready To Blitz Tracklist:

  1. Talk Our Shit feat. Pdot Savv
  2. Krash Out 
  3. Ready To Blitz feat. Rayy Balla & Pdot Savv
  4. Pray 4 Me
  5. Feel The Rage
  6. Move Cautious feat. TG Crippy
  7. Back On My Shit 
  8. SMMBF feat. Nas EBK
  9. No Sympathy 
  10. Evil Twins feat. TG Crippy
  11. Don’t Panic feat. Cito Blick & Pdot Savv
  12. GO KUU feat. Rayy Balla
  13. OOTAZ feat. TG Crippy & Jayy Da Chaser
  14. Church feat. Rayy Balla

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