San Diego rapper Lil Maru has shared his new EP From Me 2 You. Lil Maru has been on a hot streak all year following his viral 2021 single “On The Block”(17m+ streams). On From Me 2 You, he offers up a showcase of his sauntering melodies, smooth, almost muffled vocals, and breezy, laid-back instrumentals–all of which come together to create an irresistible West Coast sound that his fans can’t seem to get enough of. Backed by LA’s Bino Rideaux, Moreno Valley’s R3 Da Chilliman, and even Alabama’s OMB Peezy––Lil Maru claims his spot as a frontrunner in the newest generation of California rap. Maru approaches chilly production with unhurried confidence on “What U On”, letting his vocal take center stage as he oscillates somewhere between humming and singing. On “Hundun Moments”, Lil Maru picks up the pace as he exchanges no-nonsense verses with R3 & Cypress Moreno over ambient synths pinned down by a weighty bass and skittering percussion. After releasing a string of successful singles leading up to the EP release, including “Get Me On” and“High”, Maru is now solidifying his stance in the West Coast scene with From Me 2 You

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Lil Maru is a Mexican-American hip-hop artist based in San Diego, CA who exploded onto the scene with his 2020 single“Change Up”(23m+ Streams) and has only been capitalizing on the momentum ever since. He followed this up with a string of singles in 2021 including the viral hit “On The Block”, “Issues”, and “Nothing Into Something”. Maru kicked off 2022 with the release of his EP Been 2 Gone, featuring standout tracks like “Heartless” and “Soda Shopping” featuring former Shoreline Mafia member Fenix Flexin.

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