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LVRN Spotify Singles x RapCaviar Release First-Ever Original Freestyle Cypher

Featuring Artists 6LACK, Westside Boogie, BRS Kash, OMB Bloodbath,
NoonieVsEverybody & Producer Kitty Ca$h

Click HERE to Stream/Download/Purchase LVRN Cypher & “Just Say That”

Spotify and Atlanta-based label/management/multimedia company Love Renaissance (LVRN/Interscope Records) join together for the second RapCaviar x Spotify Singles release, and its first-time ever original cypher and collaboration with artists from one collective, out today. This newest iteration includes artists 6LACK, Westside Boogie, OMB Bloodbath, BRS Kash, NoonieVsEverybody and producer Kitty Ca$h who came together to perform an original freestyle cypher (Side A) and new track “Just Say That” (Side B).

Filmed in Atlanta, the cypher video captures the LVRN crew infiltrating a local bank to take operations into their own hands. The rappers set up shop in all corners of the bank, issuing reparations to customers, while replacing brochures and signs with new slogans like “Turn Your Black Business into Big Black Business.” The cypher video strives to empower the Black community while exploring what wealth redistribution in Black and Brown neighborhoods might look like, correcting elements of the traditional banking system that have historically disenfranchised communities of color. For Side B, “Just Say That” features 6LACK, Westside Boogie, OMB Bloodbath and BRS Kash in a bold, confident track about self-empowerment layered over a fast-paced fluctuation of high-hats and heavy bass beats. As they each rap straight-forward and blunt remarks, the track serves as a fun, tongue-in-cheek testament to the artists’ money and success.

On the collaboration process, LVRN co-founder and Head of A&R Justice Baiden shares, “LVRN’s collaboration with RapCaviar happened very organically and highlights the versatile talent on our roster. The seamless blend and dynamic when you hear our artists together is unlike any other. I feel like that comradery is missing in hip-hop today and we have some of the best rappers to showcase that.

Westside Boogie (Shady Records) jokes “It was fun doing the cypher because I am competitive, and I wanted to body every rapper on LVRN even though I love them,” while OMB Bloodbath recounts, “I like rapping with LVRN altogether, I loved the bank outfits, and the direction on set, plus the steak and potatoes on set was fire. If the song a hit, they need to just say that.”

The LVRN cypher joins the slate of over 500 Spotify Singles recordings to date, from more than 250 artists across all genres. The full Singles catalogue can be heard HERE.

Love Renaissance (LVRN) is an Atlanta-based label which sits at the forefront of fostering cultural bonds for the next generation of hip-hop and R&B. Serving as a record label, full-service management team, and a growing multi-media company founded in 2012 by five first-generation immigrants with roots in Ghana, Nigeria, Trinidad, and Jamaica, they pride themselves on identifying the next wave of major talent before they break into mainstream airwaves. With a hands-on approach to finding and developing talent in their communities while also expanding to lead production, and distribution, they have created an ideal model for the modern age of business and music. Love Renaissance launched a mental health program to combat anxiety and depression in the music industry, and provides artists and their teams with access to mediation sessions and coaching while on tour.

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