Magic City Hippies Ft. CAPYAC in ATL, GA at Variety Playhouse!

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Written & Photographed By | Jade Yi

Magic City Hippies, second show of their tour was in Atlanta, GA at the Variety Playhouse in little five points. The trio- Robby Hunter, Pat Howard, and John Coughlin, started their career in Miami, FL and now traveling the United States the perform the music that has an era-less vibe that grasps the attention of many listeners. The show from start to end was a high energy and the crowd was right there with them!

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Magic City Hippies was very interactive with the crowd that got them even more hyped during the show. The main vocal even hopped off stage into the pit to sing and dance with the audience and you can see all the happy faces in the crowd! The artistry that this group has was mouth dropping. The sound, the lyrics, and the overall vibe of their music is something anyone could listen to and easily enjoy. Even if you heard their music for the first time, your shoulder will definitely will be flowing with the beat of the music.

The main act was of course was a hit, but the opening act, CAPYAC, was an amazing act in itself. The two member band – Delwin Campbell and Eric Peana–  from Austin, TX brought a European- influenced future disco pop to the stage! From their set design, their performance, to random props, everything was so different in the best way possible! They definitely curated an experience for their audience and you can tell the energy that they brought to the venue was very high, a great way to start the night. The duo was very interactive with the audience as well, building up the energy in the crowd.

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If you love groovy, fun, and exciting music that will for sure having you dancing around or even moving your shoulders, Magic City Hippies and CAPYAC are the ones to have in your playlist and go see live! Such amazing performers and definitely a fun experience to see live.


Jade Yi