Mayday Parade Brings Big Energy to Philadelphia’s Union Transfer Along With Openers Magnolia Park and Real Friends

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Written By | Jamie Stow

Mayday Parade’s stop at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer was a blast from the past as they celebrated 11 years of their self titled album along with support from new band Magnolia Park and the beloved Real Friends. Despite COVID concerns which pushed this anniversary tour back to 11 years instead of 10, the room was packed and fans didn’t seem to mind as they sang along to their old favorites.

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Magnolia Park took the stage first. Even after just releasing their first full length last year, there were still fans singing along in the crowd. They managed to get the crowd going with a cover of Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down.” While their performance did seem a little rough with them just starting out, the crowd seemed to enjoy every second of it.

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Real Friends took the stage next. The absence of former singer Dan Lambton was definitely felt as new vocalist Cody Muraro sang the band’s old songs. While Muraro put on a great show and the fans didn’t seem to mind, the uniqueness of Lambton’s voice was missed in some of their old hits. Muraro entertained the crowd but jumping around and belting out the lyrics nonetheless. Bassist Kyle Fasel also encouraged the crowd to get up and sing along. Their energy was unmatched and fans sang back every lyrics as they crowd surfed towards the stage.

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Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for, the first note of the first song off of Mayday Parade’s self titled album started. The band came out in suits with faux stained glass behind them and candles surrounding them. Later, vocalist Dereck Sanders, would fittingly call this the “emo church.” They started with the hit “Oh Well, Oh Well” and then transitioned into other favorites such as “When You See My Friends” and “Stay.” As they went through their self titled record, the crowd was transported back in time to 2011 when these songs were first released. Feeling 11 years younger, people danced and chanted the lyrics back at Sanders as he flipped around his long hair. At one point the crowd put up their phone flashlights in unity as a slower verse was sung. The night ended with a 6 song encore including some new songs such as “Kids of Summer” and “Piece of Your Heart” as well as old songs like the piano ballad “Miserable at Best” and the final song “Jamie All Over.”

Photos By | Jamie Stow