MISSIO Take Their #gimmeakiss Tour To Philadelphia’s Foundry at The Fillmore

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Written By | LaMonica Cobbs

Thursday night I got the opportunity to check out trap electronic duo MISSIO’s #gimmeakiss tour when the band stopped by the Foundry in Philadelphia. This was my introductory to the Austin based bearded artists, Matthew Brue and David Butler. I must say, I had great time! The energy they blessed us with was amazing from start to finish. MISSIO (meaning “mission” in Latin), is on a mission to deliver a message to their audience and that’s exactly what they did.

Musically the show was highly energetic and exciting. MISSIO style of music isn’t common, that’s one of the reason why I became a fan. The drums combined with heavy electronic production had me on a natural high for the duration of the concert. The other reason I why I became a fan is because Matthew is personable. Between songs he’d share what inspired the upcoming song, whether it was addiction or depression, he had no shame.  I love artist who engage with their audience through sharing what inspired their songs.#gimmeakiss tour is very vulnerable and Matthew created a safe by letting fans know no matter your religion, race, age or what you maybe going through, you matter and you’re accepted in this space.

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My favorite song from the night is “Middle Finger”. Soon as Matthew started singing the first versus, fans through their middle finger in the air while singing the lyrics with so much expression on their face. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show was musical therapy for some.

If you are a MISSIO fan than you don’t want to miss the tour. There’s only about 12 dates, yeah I know that sucks, but let that motivate you to purchase the ticket.  MISSIO is all about unity and self acceptance. I love how they made everyone feel welcomed. I’ll definitely be attending more shows when they’re in the area.

Photos By | LaMonica Cobbs